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Maintaining Your Mental Health during COVID-19

Maintaining Your Mental Health during COVID-19 COVID-19 has dramatically changed our daily lives and how we interact with each other, including with your GP. Many of us are worried about our health, our loved ones, our jobs and finances, the economy and coping with isolation. While these feelings of worry and stress are normal

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Q1.  Have you travelled overseas in the last 14 days (before any symptoms started) OR been in contact with someone with confirmed / suspected Coronavirus? If you have answered YES please ring the COVID-19, 24-hour hotline 1800 675 398 for further instructions  Q2. Are you unwell with fever / cough / sore throat / shortness of breath, but NOT travelled overseas in the last 14 days and not been in contact with someone with confirmed / suspected Coronavirus?

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Patient Rights

Patient Rights & Responsibilities The doctor patient partnership is based on mutual respect. Both patients and doctors have rights as well as responsibilities. If you have any concerns about your care or feel that your rights have not been respected, please let us know. Timely feedback helps us. Your rights as a patient are: 

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Privacy Policy

1.  Policy Statement High Street Medical Clinic (HSMC) complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) and all relevant State based health records and information privacy legislation. HSMC is committed to protecting all personal information. Our privacy policy and our practices and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis to

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Skin Checks

At the initial consultation the doctor will take your history, examine you and suggest an appropriate treatment.  If this involves surgical removal of a lesion the procedure will be explained to you at this consultation as well as any potential risks associated with the procedure. The procedure will NOT usually be undertaken at this time and another appointment will be booked for you.

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