Your health is our greatest concern


A healthy childhood is vital for a chance for a long healthy life. Of course there is no guarantee; but we believe keeping tabs and tracking your child’s health and any changes to it along the way is important.

In order to ensure you have the best access to medical care for your children consultations Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm will only incur a $20 out of pocket expense after the Medicare rebate is applied. Routine fees will apply for C16U attending the clinic outside of these hours.

We offer a “Healthy Kids Check” to ensure that every four year old child in Australia has a basic health check to see if they are healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school. We can do full or basic health checks on children of any age.

young girl with asthma spray


Parents of a child with asthma need to know about their child’s condition, symptoms and medications.

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an abese child

Childhood Obesity

There are a number of factors influencing the rise in childhood obesity.

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a baby being immunised


Having your child immunised helps protect them against the most serious childhood infections.

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teen with diabetes checking blood sugar levels

Diabetes In Teenagers

Children and teenagers can manage their diabetes well and live happy, normal lives.

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young teens drinking alcohol

Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is widely used by young people. ‘Binge drinking’, drink driving and unsafe sex can all result from the misuse of alcohol.

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a group of smiling kids looking at camera - Kids Health Check

Kid’s Health Check

Is your child healthy, fit and ready to start school? Book in a Kid’s Health Check and be confident.

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