Fact: 2 out of 3 Australians will develop skin cancer

We have a team of skin cancer General Practitioners.
two business people

Whilst they are not Dermatologists they have undertaken extensive training and are experienced in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We are equipped to deliver efficient and accurate skin cancer screenings with minimal disruption to your business. Our GPs will visit your employees on-site for this critical health assessment.

They will provide an understanding of what to look for and the warning signs for potential skin cancer development.

  • Reduce your company’s risk of liability related to workplace skin cancers
  • Provide an important way to improve or support a high standard of OHS practices
  • Minimise employee downtime through on-site services
  • Educate employees on sun protection while at work
  • Adopt a sun protection policy

If any skin cancer concerns are identified, our clinicians may refer your employees back to their GP for further investigations, or it may be that a full body mole surveillance imaging be recommended in order to monitor for any suspicious lesion changes.