Rail Medicals

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers underpins a system for monitoring the health of rail safety workers and enables a consistent application of health standards across the Australian rail industry. 

An executive medical is a comprehensive health assessment that screens for the early detection of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Executive medicals help to keep the most valued employees healthy and active. The assessment may consist of heart function tests, lung function tests, nutritional assessments, bone density, vision and hearing screening, a number of blood and urine tests along with a detailed examination from a doctor.

Most executive medicals result in an easy to read executive summary that the client can then reference their full personal health status.

All health assessments for rail safety workers are conducted in line with the Standard.

Rail Worker cutting rail with gas torch

Under rail safety legislation, rail transport operators are required to manage the risks posed by the ill health of rail safety workers. The responsibility is an essential part of an operator’s rail safety management system, which aims to minimise risks and protect the safety of the public, rail safety workers and their fellow workers, and the environment.

There are three different types of health assessment based on whether the work undertaken is safety critical or non-safety critical. A risk management approach is used to determine which category of health assessment applies to various types of work as follows:

Category 1: 

Applies to rail safety workers who undertake safety critical work and whose ill health may result in sudden incapacity or collapse leading to a serious incident affecting public safety or the rail network.

Category 2:

Applies to rail safety workers who undertake safety critical work where sudden incapacity will not impact on the safety of the public or the rail network.

Category 3:

Applies to rail safety workers who undertake non-safety critical work and whose health and fitness does not impact directly on the rail network but who are required to protect their own safety and that of other workers.

Our doctors undertake Rail Safety Worker Health Assessments and are accredited Authorised Health Professionals under the national accreditation scheme. Please contact the clinic directly to book your appointment.