Rental Opportunities

A little about your options

We currently  have  rental opportunites available for various medical specialities & allied health professionals

There are great marketing opportunities that come with the refurbished rooms for rent. The environment welcomes practitioners of any modality, as long as the energy is right.

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  • An ethical professional
  • A unique individual who is ready to work for yourself
  • Would like to be part of a dynamic team
  • Wish to work in a friendly atmosphere

High Street Medical Clinic

  • Is a centrally located and unique environment
  • Thrives on versatility
  • Offers well appointed rooms
  • Offers flexible arrangements with many inclusions (telephone, cleaning, marketing etc)
  • Promotes great cross-referral opportunities

Everyone Knows

To lease a space in a great central location in Prahran is hard. If you’d like the room to be in a place with great energy and in an appropriate location – call us now!

Interested or Have Any Questions?

Contact High Street Medical Clinic on 03 9510 5500 or email: Terri O’Shannessey